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Panel bei der ECPR Generalkonferenz in Prag: "Changing finances of international organizations "

07.09.2016 – 10.09.2016

In der Sektion "21st Century International Organizations: New Challenges and New Dynamics" der ECPR Generalkonferenz in Prag 2016 wird Dr. Ronny Patz das zweite Panel leiten. Es steht unter dem Titel "Changing finances of international organizations".


This Panel addresses two related questions: How are the changing conditions of international organizations’ finances affecting individual IOs and their administrations? And, what systemic effect does this have for the ability of IOs as regional or global actors to address long-term challenges and emerging new crises? Recent studies found that the increasing importance of voluntary contributions challenges regular budgeting procedures and undermines multilateralism. The grown importance of resource mobilization, reliance on earmarked funds, and increasing volatility of resources require significant organizational and procedural changes in existing IOs or shape the design of emerging IOs. The impact of these changes and design features for political and administrative power relations inside IOs, for cooperation and competition between IOs, and for the performance and influence of IOs as global actors has yet to be fully understood.