Geschwister-Scholl-Institut für Politikwissenschaft (GSI)




Joint European Studies Program between LMU Munich and the University of Cambridge

02.08.2020 – 29.08.2020

This new four-week programme builds on the close relationship between Cambridge and LMU, and offers a unique opportunity for students to learn at both institutions. All students are encouraged to apply for both Terms. Established researchers and experts in each University will deliver talks, which set European issues in their historical context and go on to address the current turbulent political situation.


We enter an extraordinary phase in the history of Europe, fundamental to this programme is the opportunity for discussion and debate between lecturers and students from two major institutions directly affected by these changes.

This program gives students the opportunity to study European history, European integration and today’s European politics at both institutions, the LMU Munich and the University of Cambridge. With an interdisciplinary focus on distinct dimensions of European integration and today’s crisis phenomena, students will discuss European policy-making with established researchers and experts through a combination of lectures and side-events.

For more information (academic programme, contact) please visit the programme homepage.