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New Article by Laura Seelkopf and Coauthors in European Journal of Political Research


To limit the consequences of the global climate crisis, the global community needs to dramatically reduce its carbon emissions. However, public support for measures to achieve this goal can be attenuated by current crises, which distract people’s attention and make it more difficult to introduce political instruments that entail cost increases. These are the findings of a new study by Laura Seelkopf, professor at LMU’s Geschwister Scholl Institute of Political Science and co-authors. Consequently, Seelkopf and co-authors Dr. Julian Limberg (King’s College London) and Professor Philipp Genschel (University of Bremen) recommend emphasizing the urgency of climate change and associating the topic with other events perceived as urgent to increase support for measures such as taxing fossil fuels.

Philipp Genschel, Julian Limberg & Laura Seelkopf (2024): The climate crisis, policy distraction and support for fuel taxation. European Journal of Political Research, 15. May 2024.

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