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Beitrag in der Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen

Jan Pollex, Sebastian Block, Martin Gross, Dominic Nyhuis, Jan A. Velimsky - Ein zunehmend bunter Freistaat: Die Analyse der bayerischen Kommunalwahlen im März 2020 unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der kreisfreien Städte in: ZParl Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen, Seite 78 - 94


Despite their crucial role for democratic decision-making, local elections receive little atten­tion from political science research. To overcome this shortcoming, the article analyses the Bavarian local elections of 2020. Although the CSU remains the strongest party in the Free State, the Green Party was able to make considerable gains, especially in larger cities. How­ever, the Greens could not gain any grounds in mayoral elections, whereas CSU and SPD competed for the win. In most of the cases, the Social Democrats won the posts in city halls. In addition to detailing election results, this article addresses the ballot lists, the com­position of local councils, and coalition building at the local level. Overall, this contribu­tion provides a comprehensive account of the elections, which are characterized by their unique ballot system and, thus, have a special role in the political system of Germany.

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