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Prof. Klaus H. Goetz, Dr. Svanhildur Thorvaldsdottir and Dr. Ronny Patz at ECPR, APSA and DVPW 2018


As part of the DFG-funded project "Resource Mobilization in International Public Administrations", Prof. Dr. Klaus H. Goetz, Dr. Svanhildur Thorvaldsdottir and Dr. Ronny Patz will present their ongoing research on the resourcing of UNHCR, UNRWA and IOM at major political science conferences this summer.

ECPR General Conference in Hamburg (22-25 August 2018)

The paper titled “Resource Mobilization in Global Refugee Policy: Shifting Refugee Populations, Donor Preferences, and the Role of UN Bureaucracies“ (Patz, Thorvaldsdottir & Goetz) will be presented as part of the panel "International bureaucracies reaching out: Coordination and cooperation beyond organizational boundaries" co-chaired by Maarja Beerkens and Ronny Patz. Svanhildur Thorvaldsdottir is the discussant on the panel.

The panel is part of the Section "21st Century International Bureaucracy: People, Power, and Performance“ chaired by Jörn Ege and Per-Olof Busch. This is a follow up to similar sections at previous ECPR conferences, each organized by different colleagues from the DFG Research Unit (2014-20) “International Public Administration“ (Andrea Liese and Michael Bauer in Prague 2016, Steffen Eckhard and Ronny Patz in Oslo 2017).

APSA Annual Meeting in Boston (30 Aug-2 Sep 2018) 

The paper titled "International Organizations as Problem-Solvers in Global Refugee Policy“ (Thorvaldsdottir, Patz & Goetz) will be presented as part of the panel "Independence and Accountability of International Organizations“ chaired and discussed by Randall Stone and Erin Graham.

The panel has been organized by Svanhildur Thorvaldsdottir and will be part of "DIVISION 17: International Collaboration“ (see APSA program).

DVPW Kongress in Frankfurt (25-28 September 2018)

The paper by Goetz, Patz & Thorvaldsdottir titled "Der Einfluss internationaler Bürokratien auf Ressourcenmobilisierung im Bereich der globalen Flüchtlingspolitik“ (The influence of international bureaucracies on resource mobilization in the domain of global refugee policy) will be presented as part of the panel "Verwaltungen von internationalen Organisationen in der internationalen Politik“ (Bureaucracies of international organizations in international policy-making).

The panel is supported by the sections “Internationale Beziehungen“ and “Policy-Analyse und Verwaltungswissenschaft“ of DVPW and is chaired by Andrea Liese and Ronny Patz. Eva Heidbreder is the discussant (see online programme [downloadable docx-file]).