Geschwister-Scholl-Institut für Politikwissenschaft (GSI)




Martinsen, D.S., Goetz, K.H. & Müller, W.C.: A gendered pattern? Publishing, submission and reviewing in West European Politics

Publikation in European Political Science


Publication in peer-reviewed journals is of major importance to careers in academia. It has become clear that a considerable gender gap exists in political science journal publishing and a debate on how to confront this gap has got under way. This article examines the gender distribution in publishing (1978–2021), submissions and reviewing (2015 to end of 2020) for West European Politics. We identify a gender gap in publishing, but find a more pronounced gap when it comes to submissions. Over time, there are notable changes in authorship categories. In terms of the review process, we have not found a gender gap in desk-rejects or in the double blind peer review process. However, there is a considerable gender gap in review invitations sent out. In addition, female scholars are somewhat less likely to accept invitations to review than their male colleagues. These observations are in-line with the findings of other political science journals. They underline the need for the discipline to confront, in particular, imbalances in submissions and to identify the reasons behind them, as key means to reduce gender gaps in academia.

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